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Want To Quit Your Job, Travel The World, & Make 6-Figures Online? Watch Our Brand New MasterClass Today👇🏼
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Global Affiliate Zone... or "GAZ" for short? (0:05)
Global Affiliate Zone is a community with likeminded people, who believe that there is more to life than working a 9-to-5 job until retirement manifesting someone else's dreams and aspirations in life. We offer educational training on how to enhance an existing business's online marketing strategy or build an online business from scratch through what is called affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a “partnership” between you and another company where you market their products and services. In return, the company pays you (the affiliate) a percentage of sales in the form of commissions for your marketing efforts. Through our community and training, we teach you cutting-edge online marketing strategies that you can implement into any affiliate program online (we even have our own internal affiliate program).

We also share with you in-demand products and services you can start to market as an affiliate right away. Even better, If you decide you would like to market these in-demand products and services we have a complete done-for-you marketing and sales system you can leverage to save yourself a lot of time and frustration typically associated with starting from scratch.
How is this different from other online opportunities? (2:30)
Great question! There are a lot of different ways to build a business online.

Unfortunately, a lot of these opportunities don't actually teach their clients real skills when it comes to building an online business. The extent of their curriculum revolves around teaching you to copy and paste links to their done-for-you websites and post them around the internet.

Global Affiliate Zone is different in the fact that we teach you real-world skills through our training curriculum. These skills include how to write compelling online advertisements to generate leads and sales, how to place ads on social media platforms like Facebook, how to build an email list, how to mail your email list (including what to mail) and more.

On top of that, we offer an optional “earn while you learn opportunity” where you take part in our internal affiliate program and leverage our done-for-you marketing and sales system. This can often-times shortcut the learning curve because unlike starting an online business from scratch you can leverage our proven and successful infrastructure.

Then, if and when you feel ready, you can apply everything you've been learning to supercharge an existing business or finally launch that online business idea you have. Or of course, you may find that you're able to accomplish your goals and aspirations in life by simply leveraging our internal affiliate program. We essentially combined the best of both worlds when it comes to learning real skills and also being able to leverage a done-for-you solution.
Is GAZ a pyramid scheme? (6:20)
No. We are an educational company with an (optional) internal affiliate program. Even when it comes to our internal affiliate program there is no pyramid-like compensation plan.

Let us explain... if you decide you are as passionate about our products as we are, then we will pay you a commission if you refer someone to us. As an example, if a new affiliate were to sell one GAZ membership ($99/month) to a new customer, they would receive their 30% commission of $29.70. If the person you refer also goes on to refer someone else, you do not make a commission off that sale. The person you referred did and so on.

Consider this: other company's you have probably heard of like Amazon and even Walmart have affiliate programs just like ours.

The other aspect of what makes something a pyramid scheme is no tangible product or service being delivered. As explained above, people become customers of ours because they want to learn how to build an online business and usually become a more effective affiliate marketer. All of which we deliver through our educational courses you receive after purchasing a membership.
What does it cost to get started? (10:35)
Global Affiliate Zone's "GAZ PRO Membership" costs $99/month (USD).

In the essence of complete transparency, after joining there are additional costs to consider. Firstly, our curriculum will teach you how to write and place compelling ads on social media platforms like Facebook to generate leads and sales for your business. Ad costs vary, but we recommend our clients spend a minimum of $5/day.

Secondly, our curriculum also teaches you how to build an email list for your business and then how to follow-up with your email list to maximize the number of sales you generate for your business. If you choose to build an email list you will need to subscribe to an email marketing service like GetResponse or Aweber. Typically the monthly cost starts at $15.

Lastly, if you choose to market our recommended in-demand products and services products there are additional costs associated with them which you will learn about on your business and strategy advisor call. Alternatively, you can talk to the person who referred you here for more information.
What is included when I purchase GAZ? (15:36)
When you purchase a GAZ membership for $99/month you'll instantly receive:

*3-Hour Business Advisor Course ($299 Value)
*30-Minute Six-Figure Business & Strategy Advisor Call ($499 Value)
*A Growing Library Of Cutting-Edge Marketing Training (Priceless)
*Private Facebook Community Access ($99/month Value)
*3 Weekly Live Training Webinars ($499/month Value)
*Insider Access To The Most In-Demand & Highest Converting Affiliate Offers On The Internet ($999 Value)

...and so much more.

If you choose to take part in our internal affiliate program we also provide you with the following at no extra cost:

*Done-For-You Marketing System ($999/month Value)
*High Converting Email Auto-Responders ($249 Value)
*Professional Phone Sales Team (Over $999/month Value)

Note: If you don't understand all of that lingo... it's okay. We'll walk you through every step of the way no matter what experience you currently have.
Why do I have to pay $99? And does that go to you? (21:20)
When you pay your $99/month GAZ Pro Membership fee it goes towards covering our overhead costs which include, but are not limited to: servers & other technologies, employees (support staff, trainers, executives etc.), ongoing software development... we are a full-fledged company complete with a dedicated team to help YOU to reach your goals. To continue to innovate and deliver additional value to our clients we need to charge for it.

Something else to consider is that if someone referred you to Global Affiliate Zone a portion of the $99 also is sent as a commission to the person who referred you. We explain more about this in the questions below.
How long do I have to pay the $99/month? (22:28)
You can pay for the platform for as long as you continue to receive value. If you decide at any time you want to cancel your subscription you can do so without having to contact our support staff. You just click a "cancel my account" button in your GAZ account.

Hint: If you're within 14-days of purchasing you can also request a complete refund.

Some people only join for a few months to go through our training curriculum and then once they feel they are ready to apply the skills they learned to their existing business, they stop paying. Other people may decide they want to keep paying $99/month to continue to have access to our live weekly training webinars and a growing library of cutting-edge marketing training. There are also those who join our internal affiliate program and continue paying $99/month for reasons mentioned previously and also so they can continue to leverage our marketing and sales infrastructure.
I don't have any experience...I don't have a list....I don't have a big advertising budget. Can you still help me? (25:51)
You don't necessarily need to have experience, a list or a big advertising budget to be successful in building an online business. What you definitely need is a commitment to invest in yourself and learn the strategies and skills we teach you through our training curriculum.

Some of our members have built their business organically (using free marketing strategies) and many have grown their businesses by starting with just $5/day for advertising. When you follow our training curriculum you'll likely begin to see results and you can scale up your efforts from there.

Bottom line: we'll provide you with the best methods to grow your business from whatever point you're starting from. Our goal is to help you earn an income online as soon as possible (by enhancing your existing business, through our internal affiliate program etc.), and we are dedicated to helping you every step of the way.
Do you have testimonials/referrals I can see or speak to before I commit to GAZ (27:14)
Yes, we have several case studies from members who have earned an income either directly through our internal affiliate program, or by implementing what they learned through our curriculum into their existing business, within our free masterclass! You can register to watch the masterclass at the top or bottom of this page.

Often times people refer GAZ to others, so if someone referred you here then you can ask them about their experience and if there's anyone else they can direct you to.

Note: Our testimonials compilation page is coming soon. Upon completion it will be linked here.
How does the GAZ affiliate compensation plan work? (28:17)
If you decide to take part in our internal affiliate program then we will pay you a 30% commission for every customer you refer to us.

A GAZ membership costs $99.00/month (USD), and as mentioned we pay a 30% affiliate commission for every month the customer. This 30% commission is $29.70 paid every month the customer you referred renews their membership. It is paid bi-monthly, after the 14-day refund policy has passed, for as long as the customer stays active.

As an example, if a new affiliate were to sell one GAZ PRO Membership to a new customer, they would receive their 30% commission of $29.70, paid out on the next bi-monthly pay cycle, after the new customer has kept their subscription active for 14 days.

Sidebar: Those that also market our recommended products and services on top of our internal affiliate program, can even earn what is called "high ticket" commissions. These high ticket commissions can be upwards of $3,000. We explain more about this in the questions below.
When and how do I get paid as a GAZ affiliate? (29:19)
As an affiliate of GAZ you will get paid bi-monthly after the 14-day refund policy has passed, for as long as the customer stays active.

You can get paid out through a direct deposit if you are a citizen of the United States or if you live outside of the United States you can get paid by setting up a free e-wallet account. An e-wallet account provides multiple withdrawal options including a wire transfer or check.
Is this "one-time" money? Or is it residual income? (29:56)
The GAZ membership is a monthly recurring membership and as a GAZ affiliate, you earn a commission each time your referred customer's subscription renews. This is known as residual income because you continue to earn income each month.
Do I have to pay taxes on this money? (30:30)
Yes, it all depends on how much you earn and where you live (just like earning any kind of money from a business). Please consult with an accredited accountant about taxation in your country and state/province.

Hint: Although you do pay taxes on the money you earn through your business, in most cases you will end up saving money off your typical tax bill because you will be able to write off a portion of your expenses. We also have additional training on tax tips inside of our curriculum. But again, always consult with an accredited accountant.
I know that some people need a low-cost opportunity like GAZ. But what about someone who wants to make BIG money? Can I earn a "super-sized" income here? (32:40)
As mentioned previously, yes.

If you decided to market our recommended in-demand products and services on top of our internal affiliate program, you can earn a "super-sized" income. Commissions range from $40 - $4,000 and are paid out by other reputable company's who have been around for years. Hint: the main company who's products and services we recommend has been around since 1974.

We explain how our top earners in our internal affiliate program are earning their incomes in our free MasterClass (sign up for it now at the top or bottom of this page). Disclaimer: Their results are not typical.

The other thing to consider is the online marketing skills you'll be learning will give you the ability to market pretty much anything. Some of our clients have gone on to become online marketing consultants for other businesses, have created and sold their own products... the possibilities are endless and stretch far beyond the commission we pay if you refer someone.
That sounds GREAT! Do you guarantee that I'll make this money? (35:20)

This is not a lottery.

Global Affiliate Zone is an educational company with an (optional) internal affiliate program.

The results you'll achieve by implementing what we teach inside of our curriculum will depend on you and how capable you are. While we can do our best to provide you with cutting-edge training, tools, and resources... your results ultimately depend on how capable you are and how much work you are willing to put in.

Again, this is not a "get rich quick scheme". We teach our clients how to build a value-driven online business through affiliate marketing and/or enhance an existing business's online marketing strategy. The key word being a business... not a new hobby... not a new job... a real business where you solve problems for other people in exchange for compensation.
Do I have to make sales calls if I become a GAZ affiliate? (37:05)
If you decide to join our internal affiliate program and leverage our infrastructure to market our recommended products and services, you can make sales calls if you want to. Or you can let our professional team handle the calls on your behalf (what most affiliates choose to do) at no extra cost.

Why do we offer you a choice?

We want you to have the opportunity to learn how to sell over the phone if you'd like to. It's a valuable skill to have in today's economy and we always want to give you a choice in how you want to build your business.

If you are using GAZ to enhance an existing business, or build one from scratch, the answer will likely be "yes" depending on what you are wanting to accomplish/your business model. We can't answer that for you specifically.
I heard that all you do is sell expensive water machines/filters is that true? (38:30)
Hehe I don't know about you, but selling expensive water filters/machines doesn't sound very exciting to us... there's a little more to it than that ; )

As mentioned previously, when you become a client of Global Affiliate Zone we do share with you recommended in-demand products and services you can promote as an affiliate marketer. One of the main company's whose products and services we recommend does offer an opportunity based around alkaline ionized water machines (which have some incredible health benefits).

When you join Global Affiliate Zone we have some informative and fun videos that will explain why we recommend certain company's products and services (like alkaline ionized water machines). If after watching these videos you agree that it's a great company to consider becoming an affiliate with, awesome. If not, you're more than welcome to find a better-suited affiliate offer or build an online business based around something else entirely. The choice is always yours.
I don't have much time. Can I still make money? (42:00)
It depends what "I don't have much time" means.

Here's the thing. If you decide to take part in our internal affiliate program we recommend a minimum of 1-hour per day (5-ish days a week). Regardless of how much time you have, however, every step you take within our platform will be saved so you can continue from exactly where you left off.

If you plan on using Global Affiliate Zone to enhance an existing business or start an online business from scratch, then again it's going to depend on how fast you want to move.

Remember: consistency is the name of the game. Consistent effort is what you want to aim for when it comes to building a business or really trying to accomplish anything in life. If you don't think you can consitently dedicate 1-hour per day (5-ish days a week) then entrepreneurship probably isn't for you.
I'm terrible with computers and I don't think I can do this! (44:37)
Although it can definitely help to have experience with computers, you don't need to be tech-savvy to earn an income online. In fact, many of our community members have ZERO computer background and are still earning a significant income online. Disclaimer: Their results aren't typical.

This is possible because through our curriculum we show you what to do click-by-click, step-by-step. You'll learn from our world-class trainers who will guide you no matter how much or how little technical experience you have.
Do I have to tell my friends & family about Global Affiliate Zone? (46:05)
Only tell them if you want to tell them.

The beautiful thing about learning how to market online is you will discover how you can have people coming to YOU who want to learn more about your business (whatever it may be) VS. you having to chase people down.
Where will I get prospects & how will people find me online? (47:35)
We'll show you step-by-step on how to use social media and other online marketing strategies which involve, but are not limited to placing advertisements online, to find customers for your business. Even better... the majority of these people desperately WANT what you'll be able to offer them.
Wait...are you saying that I don't have to purchase leads? I don't have to cold-call prospects? (48:54)
Purchasing leads and cold-calling is entirely up to you (we don't recommend it though). By going through our curriculum, you'll learn how to use paid and free online marketing strategies to find your ideal customers no matter where they are in the world.
I am not very tech savvy... do I need to build my own website? (49:35)
If you decide to take part in our internal affiliate program you don't have to build your own website. We provide you with all of the done-for-you marketing pages and tools you'll need to get started.

If you are joining Global Affiliate Zone to enhance an existing business or start an online business from scratch then yes you will need to find the means to build your own website (it's not very difficult nowadays though with services like ClickFunnels).
Can I do this from a mobile device? (50:12)
Yes. You can earn an income with us from a mobile device, but there are many powerful marketing tools we recommend that do require a laptop or desktop computer. Therefore we don't recommend building a business online entirely from a mobile device.
Do I have to attend GAZ's live weekly webinars? (51:23)
We host optional live training webinars every week. Each training webinar is an opportunity for you to learn what currently works and what doesn't work in the world of online marketing. You certainly don't need to attend every live training webinar (only attend the ones you feel you're getting the most value from).

Also, if you can't attend a webinar live... no problem. We record almost every webinar for you to re-watch inside of our private Facebook Community.
What about company conventions/events? (52:11)
We host optional but recommended company conventions/events (in-person) throughout the year. At these events, we strive to provide you with world-class speakers whose content will help you take your business to the next level. Each event is also an incredible opportunity for you to network with members of our community, meet our executive team, top earners and also your own clients. Therefore most of our successful customer do attend these conventions, but it is not required you go.
I already have a home business. How can GAZ help me? (53:18)
Awesome! Many of our customers (including some of our top earners who utilize our internal affiliate program) own multiple businesses and use GAZ's tools and training to improve their results with their other businesses.

Ultimately, GAZ is a training and education company. We provide you with the knowledge and resources you need to generate leads without having to do home parties, hotel meetings, one-on-one presentations or any of the other "hassles" associated with a traditional home business.

GAZ is for anyone who's serious about taking their business (and life) to the next level... Whether your primary business is GAZ or something else entirely.
Where is GAZ located? (55:30)
GAZ's headquarters is located in Las Vegas, Nevada.
I'm completely broke. Can you get me started and let me pay you back out of my future earnings? (55:47)
No, because it's not in your best interest.

Here's why: You're asking us to be more committed to your business than you are. You may be in a financial bind, but it's not finances that are holding you back... It's your creativity.

Here's a free tip: Visit Craigslist (or Kijiji) and go to the free section. Go pick up stuff for free, then re-list it for $20, $30, or $40+. Consider figuring out 3-5 more ways you can come up with the money in 24 hours. It's usually easier than you think.
When I get started, will I have support? (57:12)
Inside of Global Affiliate Zone, we have all the help you need. We've also made it very easy and accessible, to ensure you always get answers to your questions right away.

Some of our support streams include:

*A very active private Facebook community with over 5,000 members for you to mastermind with, bounce Ideas off of and ask questions. This is an amazing resource because at any given moment, we have dozens, even hundreds of others jumping in and helping people out.

*1-hour weekly “Transformational Tuesday” webinar to train on mindset and marketing, along with a live Q&A section at the end. We also will bring out 1-2 members and do live advising with them and help them figure out what their biggest struggles are and then our trainers help them overcome them. Hint: Our entire community benefits from this because many of them are facing the exact same issues.

*1-hour weekly Wednesday and Sunday night mastermind where we bring out success stories from new members, with the main focus being on personal development and mindset.

*Member support where you can submit a ticket 24/7 and receive an answer within 1-business day (usually sooner). Our support email is: gaz@globalaffiliatezone.com if you ever need it.

We're all in this together. When you become a client of Global Affiliate Zone you join a culture of like-minded people who want more out of life besides working to make someone else's' dream a reality.
Want To Quit Your Job, Travel Around The World, & Make 6-Figures As An Internet Marketer? Watch Our Brand New MasterClass Today👇🏼
Want To Quit Your Job, Travel The World, & Make 6-Figures Online? Watch Our Brand New MasterClass Today👇🏼
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